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December 2019

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SKM would like to thank you, our customers and partners, for your continued support over the years.  SKM exists because of you, and we are committed to delivering products and services that help you succeed!  We look forward to working with you in 2020 and hope the new year brings peace, good health, and happiness to all.

In 2019, we released Power*Tools for Windows Version 9.0.  This new version helps you comply with the current economic and technical climate.  To address the growing demand for Arc Flash solutions, we introduced an Equipment Data Table to provide greater flexibility when analyzing enclosure sizes for various types of equipment.  We also implemented ability to analyze multiple electrode configurations to quickly analyze a situation when a VCBB configuration becomes a VCB configuration during an arc flash.  EPRI Report method was also implemented for analyzing medium/high voltage systems.  The full list of enhancements can be viewed on our website at  Best of all, it’s FREE to all users with a current maintenance agreement!

We also introduced new combination packages to provide our customers with flexible and scalable software packages at a discounted price.  The new packages include Automation Pack, DC Systems Pack, IEC Industrial Pack and  IEC Maritime Pack.  Complete Arc Flash packages can be purchased for as low as $4,495 and includes short circuit & load flow analysis (DAPPER), overcurrent coordination (CAPTOR), Arc Flash Evaluation, and more!  Other study analysis tools can be added instantly on-demand.

Our very own SKM engineers also traveled far and wide to conduct training sessions. We conducted about 65 classes with roughly 2,000 registrations.  If you are interested in taking some classes in 2020, register early because our classes fill up quickly.

As always, we consider SKM’s relationship with our customers to be an open, ongoing discussion.  Feel free to drop us a note anytime at

-SKM Systems Analysis, Inc.

SKM Arc Flash Evaluation
The SKM Arc Flash module has been updated to reflect the new changes in accordance with IEEE 1584 2018.  The new standard comes 16 years after the original 2002 edition and add additional parameters and processes to accurately assess Arc Flash hazards.  Two significant additions are Busbar Configuration and Box Width, Height, and Depth.

Busbar/Electrode configuration consists of 5 types:
VCB – Vertical electrodes inside a metal box enclosure.
VCBB – Vertical electrodes terminated in a barrier inside a metal box enclosure.
HCB – Horizontal electrodes inside a metal box enclosure.
VOA – Vertical electrodes in open air.
HOA – Horizontal electrodes in open air.

Box Width, Height, and Depth refer to the dimensions of the metal box enclosure for VCB, VCBB, and HCB electrode configurations.  Typical dimensions are selected based on the bus voltage and equipment type.  See Table 8 of the standard for typical enclosure sizes. 

New EPRI Report 2011 method for 15-800 kV Arc Fault Analysis.  This new method provides for arc flash hazard evaluation for medium/high voltage systems with longer electrode gap lengths of 1 to 4ft.  EPRI equations were developed based on measured laboratory testing on open air line-to-ground faults.  The EPRI equations can be expanded to analyze enclosed configurations along with 3 phase and line-to-line faults.

Auto Design Module
Automatically sizes Cables, Transformers, Buses, and Protective Devices to achieve proper size and ratings that meets criteria limits set by the Equipment Evaluation study.  This software is best suited for new system designs or to resolve undersized and/or overdutied equipment for existing systems. Includes user-defined Design libraries to specify equipment that is often purchased.
  • Helps you design safer and more cost-effective power systems for low, medium, and high voltage systems.
  • Works seamlessly with the Equipment Evaluation module.
  • Saves you time by automatically entering equipment data for all components based on preset libraries with one click.
  • Increases flexibility by allowing user defined libraries for cables, transformers, buses, and protective devices. 
  • Increases flexibility by auto designing based on equipment type or equipment manufacturer.
  • Saves you time by generating a report that compares "As Found" information with "Auto Design" results.
  • Communicate designs more effectively with professional reports and annotated one-line diagrams.
  • Allows for consistent designs throughout the system.
  • Complies with NEC and other requirements.
  • Note:  Auto Design requires Equipment Evaluation module.

Auto Coordination & Evaluation Module

This module is designed to instantly identify coordination and protection issues by evaluating each equipment for adherence to basic coordination and protection rules established by the National Electric Code (NEC) and recommended industry standard practices.

Violations can then be resolved systematically at each location/zone either manually or automatically by creating TCC drawings of the affected area with a single click. The auto coordination feature will attempt to make the minimum amount of changes to the existing coordination and resolve the violations by changing protective equipment settings or frame sizes. New settings can be reviewed or reverted back to the original settings.

2020 SKM Training Schedule

We are proud to release our upcoming 2020 training schedule.  From software training, protection, arc flash analysis, grounding, motor starting, and harmonics, we have something for everyone to enjoy.  Our 102 and 202 Arc Flash classes will also cover changes in IEEE 1584-2018.  Join us and see why thousands of power engineers have praised our training to be the best in the industry.

New Training Location in Chicago!  We are pleased to announce a new location for our popular 101 & 102 classes!  The July 2020 class at Four Points by Sheraton-Chicago O’Hare is minutes away from O'Hare International Airport!

We had roughly 2,000 registrants in our 2019 hosted and onsite classes!  See what they say in our Spotlight section. 

    Our first class will be held January 27-31, 2020 in Los Angeles and will feature new changes to IEEE 1584-2018.

    Some IEEE 1584-2018 changes in the SKM software:
    • New Equations for Iarc, IE, and AFB (more complex with more input parameters)
    • Consideration of enclosure box dimensions (height x width x depth)
    • Consideration of bus configuration
    • Arcing Fault variation equation instead of set percentage
    Let our engineers show you the best way to get the most out of your software investment! Our courses help you achieve your goals, whether you want to improve your skills, resume training, or learn how to use Power*Tools for the first time.  SKM training provides you with the correct mixture of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on exercises to maximize your learning experience. Join us and boost your productivity by learning how to use your Power*Tools software more effectively!

    Classes fill up quickly, so sign up today!

    Training more than 5 engineers? Email for a personalized On-Site Training quote.
DC Software and Training

The SKM DC System Analysis module includes Battery Sizing, DC Load Flow, DC Short Circuit (ANSI), and DC Short Circuit (IEC).  There have been many DC enhancements including a new DC Solar Photovoltaic component, improved DC Load Flow calculations, Stokes & Oppenlander method (DC Arc Flash), modeling parallel DC cables, Solar Farm Temperature Correction (DC Arc Flash), and more.

Contact us to purchase DC System Analysis today!


We also introduced a new DC Systems & Arc Flash class this year.  Discussions included an overview on commonly used DC equipment and the application of the Power*Tools program to analyze example DC electrical distribution systems.  Battery sizing, load-flow, short-circuit, protection, and DC arc flash studies was then reviewed and performed using the software.  Join us in our classes next year!

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Autodesk Revit - SKM Data Exchange feature

The Autodesk Revit-SKM Data Exchange module provides a convenient and accurate way for electrical engineers to import electrical data and connections from Revit into SKM projects.  The software will automatically create Panel schedules and assign circuits to the Panel.  Various complex analysis using SKM’s calculation engine can then be conducted on the imported Revit project. The results are saved in the SKM project and can be exported back to the Revit project. This is a very useful tool for electrical engineers planning, designing, maintaining and operating a complex electrical distribution system.

Both software packages work complimentary to each other by supporting each other’s strengths.  The diagram shown below illustrates the data flow process.

Solutions for a Growing Industry
As the Power Systems Industry grows and new technologies emerge, more advanced studies will be required. Our state-of-the-art software will be there every step of the way. Whether it be Reliability studies or Harmonic Analysis, SKM will have you covered. Contact us for more information or if you would like a free no-risk demo.
Personal Computing
As our software progresses and our users evolve, there’s an increasing demand to create a customized experience. Power*Tools is the most flexible and customizable software on the market today. Create custom Datablocks, reports, multi-language arc flash labels, one-line templates, and more — quickly and painlessly.
Here are some comments from our previous courses:

“[Instructor] is probably the best communicator I have taken in my 35 years of work. ”

“Extremely well-designed class. Good instructor and he was able to pace the class and present the material in an effective manner.”

“The handbook was especially helpful. Instructor clarified some of my misunderstandings.”

“The step-by-step instruction throughout reinforced the processes. That made it easy to remember what I was going to do after awhile. I wish I had taken it 10 years ago!!!”

“It was one of the best trainings I’ve been to. You kept me engaged with very little unnecessary down time and kept the class casual enough where everyone felt comfortable. I appreciate the fact that time seemed to go by very quickly and at the same time I learned a lot more about the software than I thought was possible. The hotel amenities were great as well.”
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