Secure Downloads

Software downloads have now been migrated to your My SKM account.  Follow this link to login and view your licenses and available software downloads:

Click on "Forgot your password?" link to reset your password if this is your first time logging into My SKM.  If you do not receive an email from My SKM within 1 minute, this means that your email is not linked to your license.  Please contact the main registered user so that they can create an account for you. 
Email with your license serial number if you do not know who the main registered user is.  

Please do not register for a new account if you are a current SKM user.

Public Downloads

HASPUserSetup.exe - USB key drivers

Complete PTW Network Files - all key licensing related files

Crystal Report Installation

Report Fonts Installation

SKM PDF Installation

Recommended System Requirements
PC running Windows 7 or newer Desktop Operating System
Intel i7 Processor
8 GB of RAM
120 GB+ solid state hard drive
Dual monitors