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January 2021
  SKM Arc Flash NFPA 70E 2021
  New Power*Tools V9.0.1.0 Release
  2021 SKM Training  
  DC Analysis and Arc Flash
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All of us at SKM wishes you a healthy and safe New Year! We are excited to leave 2020 behind and to welcome happier and a more prosperous 2021.  Please stay engaged and connected - we are here for you more than ever before!

Once again, thank you for your continued support. Cheers to all and Happy New Year!

-SKM Systems Analysis, Inc.

SKM Arc Flash Evaluation NFPA 70E 2021 Update
The SKM Arc Flash module has been updated to reflect the new changes in accordance with NFPA 70E 2021.  The new Arc Flash changes include:
  • New Capacitor Hazard Assessment Tool to evaluate Shock, Thermal, and Arc Blast Hazards based on Annex R.
  • New Capacitor Labels to compliment the new assessment tool.
  • New Job Safety Planning Checklist to help assess the need for energized or de-energized work and the need for shock and/or arc flash protection for a given equipment.
  • Updated the IEEE 1584 2018 Standard adoption description.
  • Updated PPE table.
  • Updated Work Permit Task List.
  • Added default Glove Class voltages for DC applications.
  • Added option to exclude battery terminals rated <=100Vdc from being evaluated in the DC Arc Flash studies.  Based on the Battery Risk Assessment in Annex F.

SKM Power*Tools for Windows V9.0.1.0 Software Update

In addition to the new NFPA 70E 2021 update, many changes and enhancements have been made to the software since the original release of PTW Version 9.0. 

Where to Download Version 9.0:
Power*Tools Version 9.0 is now available for download on the MySKM portal at  Please do not register for a new account if you are a current SKM user.  If this is your first time accessing My SKM, please click on “Forgot your password?” to see if your email is already linked to your license.  If you do not receive an email from My SKM within one minute, a My SKM account must be created for you.  Please send an email to along with your serial number (Help menu > About PTW) and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or comments, you can always reach us at  We hope you enjoy the new version as much as we enjoyed working on it!

2021 SKM Training Schedule

We are proud to release our upcoming 2021 training schedule. To protect the health and safety of our clients and staff from COVID-19, the start of 2021 training schedule will be conducted live online by senior SKM engineers.  Additional SKM engineers will be available via chat or phone to assist with questions. The same level of instruction, content, and practice projects will still be covered as we normally do. Hardcopy training manuals and software activation details will be provided as we get closer to each class.

From software training, protection, arc flash analysis, grounding, motor starting, to harmonics, we have something for everyone to enjoy.  Our 102 and 202 Arc Flash classes will also cover new NFPA 70E 2021 & IEEE 1584 2018 changes.  Join us and see why thousands of power engineers have praised our training to be the best in the industry. 

Some IEEE 1584 2018 changes in the SKM software include:

    * New Equations for Iarc, IE, and AFB (more complex with more input parameters)
    * Consideration of enclosure box dimensions (height x width x depth)
    * Consideration of bus configuration
    * Arcing Fault variation equation instead of set percentage

Let our engineers show you the best way to get the most out of your software investment! Our courses help you achieve your goals, whether you want to improve your skills, resume training, or learn how to use Power*Tools for the first time.  SKM training provides you with the correct mixture of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on exercises to maximize your learning experience. Join us and boost your productivity by learning how to use your Power*Tools software more effectively!

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DC Analysis Software and Arc Flash

The SKM DC System Analysis module includes Battery Sizing, DC Load Flow, DC Short Circuit (ANSI), and DC Short Circuit (IEC).  There have been many DC enhancements including a new DC Solar Photovoltaic component, improved DC Load Flow calculations, Stokes & Oppenlander method (DC Arc Flash), modeling parallel DC cables, Solar Farm Temperature Correction (DC Arc Flash), and more.

Contact us to purchase DC System Analysis today!

Intro 1 & Intro 2 to SKM Power*Tools Software (101 & 102)
Jan 25-29, 2021

Intro 1 to SKM Power*Tools 3-Day Training (Course 101)
The course involves the discussion of the program interface. Management of multiple scenarios with scenario manager is covered. Demand Load, sizing, load flow, short circuit, load schedules, captor and equipment evaluation procedures are then reviewed. Other topics that will be covered are the efficient management and use of equipment libraries, reporting options and customized output forms, import/export capabilities, merging multiple projects, as well as custom queries and user-defined fields. Students will earn 2.4 CEUs for this course.

- To develop a working knowledge of the Power*Tools for Windows DAPPER, CAPTOR, A_FAULT and Equipment Evaluation software study modules
- Database Concepts, Default Data, Copy/Paste Data, Clone Components
- One-Line Diagrams, Copy/Paste, Annotation, Custom Symbols, Hide and Expand, UNDO, and Template Libraries
- Creation, customization and use of Datablocks and Datablock Reports
- Managing multiple scenarios with Scenario Manager and Data Visualizer
- Efficient management and use of Equipment Libraries
- Reporting Options and Customized Output Forms
- Import/Export Capabilities
- Merging Multiple Projects and Multi-user Access
- Custom Queries and User-Defined Fields

Intro 2 to SKM Power*Tools 2-Day Training (Course 102)
The course covers the overview of the Arc Flash standards and reviews the calculation and modeling procedures in Arc Flash and Coordination Evaluation. Students will earn 1.6 CEUs for this course.

- To develop a working knowledge of the Power*Tools for Windows Arc Flash and Coordination Evaluation
- To understand the Arc Flash standards (updated to include NFPA 70E and IEEE 1584 2018) and calculation method
- To obtain hands-on experience in Arc Flash Label creation and customization
- To understand the step by step evaluation process and criteria for protective and non-protective devices
- Arc Flash analysis of several hands-on examples of electrical distribution systems utilizing the PTW software
- Interpretation of PTW Arc Flash results and study options
- Review issues related to energy accumulation and multiple contributions and its effects on Arc Flash
- Review Coordination Evaluation interface and overview of rules

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As our software progresses and our users evolve, there’s an increasing demand to create a customized experience. Power*Tools is the most flexible and customizable software on the market today. Create custom Datablocks, reports, multi-language arc flash labels, one-line templates, and more — quickly and painlessly.
Here are some comments from our previous courses:

“[Instructor] is probably the best communicator I have taken in my 35 years of work. ”

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“The handbook was especially helpful. Instructor clarified some of my misunderstandings.”

“The step-by-step instruction throughout reinforced the processes. That made it easy to remember what I was going to do after awhile. I wish I had taken it 10 years ago!!!”

“It was one of the best trainings I’ve been to. You kept me engaged with very little unnecessary down time and kept the class casual enough where everyone felt comfortable. I appreciate the fact that time seemed to go by very quickly and at the same time I learned a lot more about the software than I thought was possible. The hotel amenities were great as well.”
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